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1.0 Privacy Policy
We are committed to protecting our visitors' privacy and we will not collect any personal information about you as a visitor unless you provide it voluntarily. Any personal information you communicate to us is kept within our own records in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2001.
2.0 The Data Protection Act 2001
The Data Protection Act 2001 has been enacted on the 14th December 2001 and the section concerning the appointment of the Data Protection Commissioner and the Data Protection Appeals Tribunal has been brought into force as from the 22nd March 2002. We therefore consider that we have a legal duty to respect and protect any personal information we collect from you and we will abide by such duty. We take all safeguards necessary to prevent unauthorised access and we do not pass on your details collected from you as a visitor, to any third party unless you give us your consent to do so.
3.0 Information Collected
As a visitor, we collect two types of information on you:
Contact or feedback information;
Web page download information;
3.1 Contact or Feedback
When you fill the form on the "Contact Us" , we use the personal information submitted in the form only to respond to your message. This personal information will not be kept longer than necessary and will be deleted once the feedback requirement is met.

3.2 Download Information
If you read or download information from our site, we automatically collect and store the following non-personal information:
  • The requested web page or download;
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The operating system of the machine running your web browser and the type and version of your web browser.

Please note that this information is strictly for the sole use of MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers Ltd and it is not shared, leased, or sold in any manner to any other organisation.

4.0 Links to other Web Sites
Our site has a number of links to other local and international organisations and agencies. In some cases, for the benefit of the visitor, it may be required that we link to other web sites of other organisations after permission is obtained from them respectively. It is important for you to note that upon linking to another site, you are no longer on our site and you become subject to the privacy policy of the new site.
5.0 Access to your information
You may request us at any time what information is effectively held on you if any, at that particular time. You have the right to have any inaccuracies corrected and where applicable erased, if they are not already deleted.
6.0 Changes to this Privacy Policy
If there are any changes to this privacy policy, we will replace this page with an updated version. It is therefore in your own interest to check the "Privacy Policy" page any time you access our web site so as to be aware of any changes which may occur from time to time.

MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers Ltd makes every effort to maintain the accuracy of the information on this website but cannot accept responsibility for any prejudice, loss or damage which may occur from use of the information.
MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers Ltd does not provide quality control of external links; the inclusion of any company's or trader's name within the pages should not be construed as a recommendation of that company's or trader's products and/or services.

If you find anything on this website that causes concern please contact us.


This site contains expressions of opinion, information, and material about our product range. The information available on this website is only intended for information purposes and is not intended to provide professional advice and should not be relied upon in this regard. Website users are advised to obtain appropriate professional advice where necessary.

MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers Ltd and its employees shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising as a result of your use of or reliance on the contents of this website.
Decisions to subscribe to any product mentioned on this website, should be made only on the basis of the information contained in the product prospectus or policy document respectively. These are available from the Head Office.
All the products and services offered on this site are subject to underwriting procedures and general and specific terms and conditions as outlined.
All information on this website is:
  1. directed solely at those who access the website from Malta;
  2. of a general, informative nature only and should in no way be taken as an indication of future results;
  3. not necessarily comprehensive, complete or up-to-date;
  4. subject to change without notice.
Persons accessing these pages from jurisdictions other than Malta should be aware that their local legislation might restrict their eligibility to some or all of the products and services promoted on this website. They are therefore required to inform themselves about and observe any relevant restrictions.
MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers Ltd gives no warranties of any kind, express or implied, with regard to the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of any information on this website. Nothing on this website constitutes advice, nor does the transmission, downloading or sending of any information or other material create any contractual relationship between MelitaUnipol Insurance Brokers Ltd and the website user.
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